Our 2013 Competitor Pro Teams!

Prior Year's Pro Teams

~ Challengers are listed in the order their registrations are received ~
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Grand Champion ~ Bam Bam's Backyard BBQ (Area 7)

Bam Bam’s BBQ is an award winning competition BBQ team offering vending and catering services in Az. Ut. and surrounding areas…but more importantly, they were a last minute addition to our lineup and took GRAND CHAMPION at our event!

Squat and Gobble Barbeque (Area 1)

We are a husband and wife team from Las Vegas with assistance from the "Drew Crew". Our goal is to have fun with family and friends while competing in the sport of barbeque. We have participated in every Best Dam Barbecue from the beginning and look forward to the 2013 competition!

Trailhound Smokers BBQ (Area 3)

Trailhound Smokers BBQ was started in March of 2010; we are a family team plus our mascot (Timm, Crystal, Scott, Chris, Christy and Cassy). We have competed in a total of 22 contests in the past two years competing in six different states NV, AZ, UT, CA, NM & AR. In 2012, Trailhound Smokers competed in the Sam's Club National BBQ Tour where we finished 6th overall. We enjoy the family time and the good friends that come with BBQ and BBQ contests. We are a proud member of NVBBQA, IMBBQA and KCBS. Visit us at our web site by clicking here!

Voodoo ZomBque (Area 3)

We are a group of friends that banded together in the summer of 2011 to throw our bones into the competitive BBQ pit. We might get a trophy or two. We might win actual cash money. We will definitely have a few adventures!

Sin City Smokers (Area 6)

We are a small family team – we have been involved with the Best Dam Barbecue since it started. We have 7 years on the competition circuit and always look forward to the Best Dam Barbecue!

BBQ Junkie (Area 1)

No information provided.

Say Hello To My Little Smoker (Area 6)

We are in our 2nd year of competition. In our 1st competition at last year's Sam's Club event, we finished 11th overall with 2 calls - 10th in ribs & 5th in brisket. We love hanging out with our families BBQ'N. With the support from our families, we hope to get some hardware in this event!

Satisfied Hogs (Area 2)

No information provided.

Bourbon Boys BBQ (Area 7)

This will be our fourth year in a row cooking at the Best Dam Barbecue Challenge. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @BourbonBoysBBQ!

All Sauced Up (Area 4)

No information provided.

Bullpen BBQ (Area 7)

Bullpen BBQ is a team from Henderson, Nevada and this will be their second time at the Best Dam Barbecue!

Steel City BBQ (Area 1)

Steel City BBQ was started in 2010 and consists of Pitmaster Justin Coffini, his wife Sharon Coffini, and cousin Nathan Scheeler & Amanda Beery. With additional help from parents, aunts & uncles & even their young daughter, it's a family affair. Visit Website.

Tobias Pig (Area 6)

We're the Tobias Pig barbecue competion team: Robert Moorhead pit master accompanied by fine barbecuers in their own right, Jeremy Jensen and Adam Carver making up the rest of the team. We're local Boulder citizens, so we've got our repetition at stake here so therefore we're out to give you all a good run for the championship. Good Luck, see ya there and let's have some fun."

Montana Q (BBQ-V2)

Montana Q crew are fun, hard working team-players. We thrive to give the best customer service and serve the best food in the Northwest. You will always see this team with a “can do” attitude.

Ozark Mountain BBQ (BBQ-V4)

No information provided.

Rollin Smoke Barbeque (Area 7)

No information provided.

Loot N' Booty BBQ (Area 5)

Our first competition was in September 2009 and since then we have 3 Grand Champions, 2 Reserve Grand Champions, and multiple Top 10 Calls in all four meats. We have competed in AZ, CA, NV, MO, and Tijuana, Mexico. This will be our second time in Boulder City!

Leatherneck BBQ (Area 7)

No information provided.

The BBQ Nerds (Area 2)

No information provided.

Great Basin Cooking Company (BBQ-V1)

No information provided.

Big Poppa Smokers (Area 2)

No information provided.

Memphis Championship Barbecue (BBQ-V5)

The barbecue that you enjoy at Memphis Championship Barbecue is a product of the heritage of the deeply American-style of slow cooking. Also, the accolades and awards that they've received from barbecueing competitions across the country don't hurt either! Visit Website.

The Smokin' B.A.R. (Area 5)

Bill & Christine Huggins’ The Smokin’ B.A.R. is an award winning Competition BBQ Team that also does BBQ catering. Taking Grand Champion in 2011 and Reserve Grand Champion is 2012 makes them a team that is hard to beat!.

Who's Smokin Now (Section 4)

No information provided.

When Pigs Fly BBQ (Area 3)

No information provided.

Wild Hogs BBQ (Area 1)

No information provided.

The Pit Crew BBQ (Area 4)

No information provided.

Master of Disaster (Area 4)

Master of Disaster BBQ team is a 4th year team based out of Santa Ana, CA. In 2011, we won our first Grand Championship in Vista, CA at the Vista Smokin Q Classic. In 2011, we were also chosen in the Jack draw to represent California!

Left Coast Q (Area 1)

California's 2010 Rookie of the Year, 2011 Chicken Team of the Year and currently ranked #5 in the KCBS rankings (as of 4/10/12). We are a friends and family team from Banning, CA — we love to compete in CA, AZ and NV – there are so many great people out here in the West! Visit Website.

Sin City Chefs Kamado Rocket BBQ (Area 1)

No information provided.

Jessie Rae's BBQ (Area 5)

No information provided.

Smokin Bros BBQ (BBQ V3)

We are excited for our first Best Damn BBQ and proud to bring over 10 years experience to the smoker. Everything we offer comes from our scratch kitchen in Las Vegas with unique recipes including house made sauces, rubs, and side items. Like us on Facebook!

H & D BBQ (Area 3)

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, we pride ourselves on bringing our unique style & character to the barbecue catering & competition world. As the next great generation of barbecue competitors, we have received several prestigious accolades from various competitions throughout the state. Visit Website.

Steve's Pig Pikins BBQ (Area 5)

No information provided.

Refined Redneck (Area 4)

We are a small family team from Las Vegas, Nevada in our 2nd year of competitive BBQ. After years of cooking for family and friends we tried our hand at a few local competitions, and participated in our first KCBS event in April 2012. The people were great, the atmosphere was fun, & we were hooked!

Rhythm 'n QUE (Area 3)

With a mantra of "Smokin' Flavor That Rocks!", Rhythm 'n QUE is a championship barbecue team based in Phoenix, Arizona and a proud winner of Grand Champion of the Best Dam Barbecue in 2010! Visit Website.

And that's it! We are officially SOLD OUT!

We have started a waiting list and don't want anyone to rule out that they could still get in (we just had one change-out and as of 4/22, have heard we might have another). Amusingly, we had a change-out the day before the event last year and the new team took GC...so you never know! Send us an email by clicking here if you want to be added to the waiting list!